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Please answer my question, Joona. Zilliqa team is holding ETH/BTC/ZIL or USD to run the business?

they changed everything to Fiat immediately after ICO per team.


They should hold some BTC.

they raised ico money to build business. not to speculate on price of btc.

Silen Louis

Is the ZIL in gate automatically exchanged?

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bione月 孙

Can we communicate with you on the issue of joint listing and continue to increase the global users and attention of this project? Thank 😋

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Nick Stanson

I'm so blessed to be able to do what I love in life because of what this space has to offer. I hope everyone reaches their goals in crypto & gets into the awesome upcoming projects the market has to offer! If anyone needs advice or help don't hesitate to ask! I love helping the crypto scene grow!

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@WoelgeestMark, you have now been on the job for almost two months. What are your 3 personal favorite pieces of public facing work product that you created since starting at Zilliqa?

Collins McCrypto

will the 7-24th event move price?

nice 👌

Thi Dinh


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Honestly, this is sort of embarrassing. Ordinarily, when someone has a friend that hooks them up, they have enough common sense to not rub it in everyone else's face. What do you think actual programmers who applied for the grant are thinking after reading this post?


Im afraid I don’t understand what you mean.

Well, that's not surprising given the nature of your Medium post. Don't worry, I'm sure someone will explain it to you.


Are you implying I was hooked up undeservedly? And how am I running anything in anyone’s face?


I’d like for you to explain it to me; since it’s your accusation.

Yes, that is what I am implying. Did you honestly not expect everyone to assume as much? If so, I find that more amusing than your Medium post.

And your Medium post only adds more reason to suspect as much.



Sorry to disappoint my guy, but there’s only one person who knew I had an idea and applied for the grant, and it was Zilliqa’s grant manager himself. None of the community admins past, or present, knew anything other than “I was thinking about making a dApp”. Not sure how or where the medium post insinuates otherwise, but it’ a wrong assumption.



You could also get awarded. If you have an idea, develop it further, give it some legs, let’s build.

Dietmar Kuhn

When is the mainnet swap done so i can get my Zil of the exchange?

I was referring to the quality of your post, not anything specific in it.

I understand giving a grant to a non-developer if they really bring something special to the table. That Medium post falls far short of "something special."


i was of the impression that binance and kukoin had already swapped tthem out... was i mistaken?

As for your claim that ONLY Han Wen knew of your grant application, please don't insult everyone's intelligence. Yes, you can claim otherwise and get all indignant about it, but anyone with half a brain will know that is almost certainly not true.

Can you just say what you have been typing?

Dietmar Kuhn

Where can I find out if the Mainnet swap is done?


not done


Ah, now I see. Understandable, for sure. But let me make just a couple counterpoints. 1-the innovation track has been marketed from day 1 as a grant for the “entrepreneurs who wish to create dapps”. I am literally that. Started a biz, made it successful. And now see ways to bring it onchain. We ask for transactions and projects here, so I’ve stepped up to the plate to make a valid attempt. 2-the grant for this track and what we do is very minimal. We are not taking funds out of any bodies pockets here. 3-my cofounder is a full stack developer, and we have two other very professional engineers we’ve tapped; one of which works for google currently. 4-don’t rush me.