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Training for what though? You can't perform speculative trading with AGI so why would you be trained for exactly?

ahmed boriek

I need something like this 👆👆

ahmed boriek

AI in Education - Microsoft in Education

ahmed boriek


ahmed boriek

You got my point

ahmed boriek

Where is SingularityNET school

ahmed boriek

Microsoft AI ft. Common

ahmed boriek

👆👆👆why SingularityNET marketing not doing ads like this


Why would you market Singularity.Net via ads? I have always been annoyed by ads in the WEB and I will especially ignore an organization and/or a company that agressively advertise itself, personally speaking.
I think Ben has done a pretty good job thus far in terms of marketingSingularity.netvia a very successfully conducted PR strategy. I am almost certain that Sophia is the most famous robot alive(!) and it's assocation with Singularity.Net & Ben has been made very clear from day one. So, you are looking at one of the most succesfull marketing operations of the 21st century when you bring up Sophia and Singularity.Net IMO.


So... When I said that I don't think that you have a full understanding of the nature of AGI, this is the sort of stuff I was referring to in terms of full understanding.


S.nethas it's own team of company professionals who get things done in a number of departments and CEOs conduct partnerships with huge multi-national companies and appear on the news all over the world, this is more than enough PR style marketing for a company like this...


F*ck Microsoft, BTW. Sorry but I had to say it...

ahmed boriek

Where is school books


Yeah I got your point. You want Singularity.Net to follow the footsteps of a company like Microsoft.

ahmed boriek

Man where is decument

ahmed boriek

How to use


This may not be the best idea, however. Whose footsteps has Bill Gates followed?

ahmed boriek

How we can creat AI over SingularityNET

ahmed boriek

It's not bill gates




Just do a SingularityNet training Google search and it's all there. Concepts and components learning for different prog languages eyc.?

Elliott Dean

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Thank you



Joe Ran

any livestream of bens talk today?

Aderson #A095F Volunteer Osoria

I Think what you are looking for is this there.https://dev.singularitynet.ioI don't know how deep your Ording knowledge is or if you will understand the steps. I suggest to take your time and try to understand on how to use SingularityNet. When you understood this I am sure Beta V2 will be even more understandable and simple to use for you.

I agree. Accept with the part that people associate Sophia with SungularityNet. Despite the team's effort and her mentioning SNet in numerous occasions (with Jimmy Fallon, Will Smith etc.) people still don't make the connection in my opinion. Even Joe Rogan forgot all about Sophia. I'm really dissapointed with him. 😔

Aderson #A095F Volunteer Osoria

I didn't see any link yet

Polleke Van De Rijn

Hi everyone, I v been kind of following the discussion bout the Microsoft Ai ... Not going into that too much ..though I think the latest Huawei blacklisting did show why basing your entire business model on US based company isn't the brightest choice, specially with 5g around the corner and the super dapps that will follow. Now comes the question, what plans are there in motion to popularise the platform and the coding to developer's. I v read there are 50plus developer's working on it, is it on a firm base or will singularity studio create the most awesome algo's that will wanna make everyone to jump on board

Polleke Van De Rijn

Also I couldn't find in the roadmap any reference to the ability Snet will have for the different algo's to communicate and collaborate. This feature would be the winning card vs all other platforms Microsoft, Google, Amazon whatever...

Aderson #A095F Volunteer Osoria

Hi Polleke SingularityNet is creating AGIish agents that are a little more advanced. As I know OpenCog, iCog Labs, and a few more are collaborating with the team. The X-Lab will also populate the SingularityNet AI market with additional AI algorithms. If I'm not wrong the SingularityNet Studio will make AI agents for customers and integrated them in to SingularityNet. Customers that wants a proprietary AI and still want to use additional AI from SingularityNet they connect them with the platform and set up some AI algos on their infrastructure to have advantages of the both world centralized/decentralized AI services.

Aderson #A095F Volunteer Osoria

SingularityNET X-Lab Shortlist
Less than a month ago, we announced the launch of SingularityNET X-Lab, a blockchain based AI startup accelerator that would provide technical, financial, and infrastructural support as well as general mentorship to newly formed teams.

The turnout has been incredible, and today we announce the inaugural promising eight start-ups!

Learn more here:

Pay attention to the important update.

Brendan Valentine
Aderson #A095F Volunteer Osoria

The collaborating part of AI isn't an easy task to accomplish. The team has showed with Sophia that they can run diffrent AI algorithms together on her. Be it OpenCog, SingularityNet AI so that those diffrent AI like video recognition, voice recognition, semantics etc. Making those work together is possible and already on practice. OpenCog can handle the data informations that an AI create. The difficulty is to have an AI agent recognizing what an AI will be used for and how to connect them together to create meaningful results. You can do this by connecting them your self and the platform offer this as a service. More interesting is when this process becomes automated and the AI agents start to build AI swarm intelligence by them selves. For now the more AI is loaded on to the platform the better you can select an individual AI for your needs. If you request an additional AI agent that can handle your data much more efficient then you use probably the X-Lab to request that agent

Aderson #A095F Volunteer Osoria

Handling the data with a swarm of AI agents will naturally happen over time unless a genious boy/girl from India, Ethiopia, or south Africa happen to programm an AI that can handle this task all of a sudden. The smarter the AI agents the more they will be able to generalize tasks. A wonder won't be needed and still it would be awesome if the wonder happened all of a sudden by another genious around the world

Polleke Van De Rijn

Cheers guys

Dave Hodgson

He is on a panel at present but no livestream was announced (in audience)

Let us know if there's any announcements. 😜

Is anyone worried after seeing the sec come after veritasium for bring an ico and not bring declared a security. If they go down all icos are in risk. Had Agi secured itself for possible complications like this in the future?

Sec os for usa no?

Not for rest if the world

If i recall correctly, SNET was in contact with the SEC(and other institutions, maybe?) prior to the TGE already. This e.g. came up in conversations with how they handled the accredited investors. SNET is consulting(and has been since before the TGE) international lawyers, to ensure things go smoothly. Mind you, most of this is from my memory in regards to 2017, so@Tim_Richmondit would be nice if you could confirm or deny this, as i'm not perfectly sure anymore.

Aderson #A095F Volunteer Osoria

I like it to see Ben in hes wandering shoes. Like ready to walk the streets after a presentation or coming to an event like he took a walk there. I can definetly say he likes practical things, nothing out of the ordinary except AI😉👍