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Lmao. So instead of finally blaming communism, you are blaming Trump again..... Hell, you blame everyone and everything (US, EU, Russia) except for Maduro 😂

Sci Guy

This is true as it's the only chance Trump has for reelection. He understands this very well and has plans set for Iran and/or Venezuela.

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Xwork Withùe

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Parth Kaloliya

Hello everyone, I am reviewing Obyte repos and I am exploring oracles in detail so I get to know that if i have a various types of oracles so is it possible to make a universal oracle I mean one oracle should support all kind of request.


That would be possible if you could create an Oracle that picks up data from every API it should provide data from.

Parth Kaloliya

yeah exactly I want that but is it possible and If you have any kind of resource so it would be more helpful for me


But ... you would have to integrate with every API in the world. While it is possible it isn't exactly feasible.

Parth Kaloliya

So@PunqturedCan you please tell me any alternate way and which is feasibile enough

Parth Kaloliya

And when you say it is not feasible enough so could you please tell me what will be the circumstances I have to face when I'll make a universal oracle. Thanks for your help@Punqtured


A plausible approach is to build an Oracle that feeds data to the DAG from an integration with an API that provides data from a source that you need data for.


What you request doesn't really make any sense, or perhaps I misunderstand what you want to build.


There are millions of APIs that provide data for pretty much everything. You would have to build your all purpose Oracle with integration to each and every single API in the world. My guess is that thousands of new API endpoints are introduced globally every day. You wouldn't be able to keep up with adding integration to all those APIs.


An Oracle pulls data from an external data source/API and feeds this data to the DAG


But you have to build your Oracle's integration with each of those APIs yourself. And since APIs can be made in literally hundred of ways, it wouldn't be possible to just add a new endpoint without building specific integration to each and every single one of them.

Nubulas Classe

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Parth Kaloliya

Okay got your point... Once again thank you very much@Punqtured

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Terence Lee

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Hello, l'm looking to connect with a team member / admin on a potential partnership to bring the Obye Foundation their own Casino / Sportsbook. Can someone please PM me?

Thineau No

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Novaexchange is offering a free listing to coins that were previously listed on cryptopia


The guys from the BIoT project are making great progress by now, and have just implemented NFC capabilities in their specially crafted Obyte wallet. They just posted this on Discord:


Watch our small feature.We have a question, do we need to add the ability of money transfering by device touching (NFC)?
Where in our app we need to add quick access to QR?
In your view, what we need to change or add in our BIoT Wallet?
Video: play:


AAlready on it ;)


Already noticed and there are someone from the core team reaching out