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Honestly it pains me to even think about this coin

I have lost 120 btc on it


Phew, those must have cost you a fortune.

All I see is nonexistent volume community and exchange listings

And team that acts like nothing is wrong



Why are shitcoins doing well and this solid technically revolutionary coin is totally ignored

It absolutely has something to do with the lack of listings


You really need to at least read the newsletters being sent

Maybe it isnt the only reason but it is one


Scroll up a bit and read what I wrote about the pollopollo project.

Ok I will read the newsletter


The scroll back down and read my comment on requirements for listing nowadays

I'm on the mailing list I usually read them just haven't read latest one

"Obyte will be listed on a top 10 exchange (by CoinMarketCap volume) within a few weeks. This may bring increased liquidity to Bytes."

Is this what you are talking about

This is from march


No no, my posts and pictures from the launch event at IT University of Copenhagen.


hi, same old question- WTF happend with the price ? I thought the project was going from strength to strength...


I should take a look in the Discord. Any big (bad) news?


or just big holders from before dumping...


The pollopollo platform introduces a brand new economic model to charitable donations, eliminating the need for trust and reducing the risk of donations being lost before reaching the receivers.


Most likely that


the team still busy working away tho no? I'm going to check Twitter feed... I liked this project..


Definitely. You can always check github activity for amount of work being done.


sounds like I should be buying some more GBYTE 😬


is it still on any exchange or only on the app ?




I wouldn't recommend holding your bytes on exchanges, though. The Obyte wallet is available on all OS'es.


Version 2.7.0 was released just a week or so ago


It also introduced the new feature enabling the platform to carry legally binding contracts. The so called prosaic contracts. They are fully SAIC compliant.


I see still on Bittrex and Upbit ..


Oh, it is called eIDAS compliant.


Yes, both international and US version of Bittrex trades GBYTE

Ok thanks I'll look back in the chat

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Guys don't use BYTE-BTC exchange bot he is offering completely weird rates!

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Mr. X und der Websiteschund

nice project. However, I do not understand how it works correctly (my bad english). where is the medium or steemit link. thanks for google translators i have the right snippets, just search them on my unsorted computer :D


We already ran out of open applications from receivers, so I've withheld the announcements on it a bit to allow our Venezuelan representatives to find more suitable receivers as well as producers/merchants in order to increase the variety of products that people can apply for. That's perhaps why the platform looks a bit weird right now. As a donor, you will normally see the front page showing the latest added applications with a simple "Donate" button on each.


Producers join the platform and create products that has a given price. In order for a producer to be able to offer products, they must pair their wallet with the underlying chat bot. This process is done automatically by simply clicking a link and inserting their wallet address when the bot request it. The available products then become visible to potential receivers. A receiver needs to register and create a profile on the platform. This also allow them to add a short description about who they are and an image if they prefer. After registering (they don't need a wallet) they can then apply for products. These applications then become visible on the front page where potential donors can make a donation towards that specific product from that specific producer to that specific receiver. When a donation is made, a smart contract is created between the donor and the producer. The condition enabling the producer to withdraw from it is that the receiver confirms reception of the product. This is done by the receiver logging in and going to his/her list of now pending applications. Each has a "Confirm reception"-button. When the receiver clicks this button, the chat bot posts a datafeed that unlocks the funds to the producer on the smart contract. The producers then sends the bytes to the Capybara exchange that is able to do direct bank transfers to the four largest banks in Venezuela. Capybara Exchange was the winning project in the Use-a-Thon we hosted at the Simon Bolivar University in Caracas, Venezuela.


So in short: Producers add products Receivers applies for products Donors donate to applications Receivers confirm reception Producer receives funds


I want to further improve the platform with: Support for verified identities for producers and receivers. Integration with Google Translate API for on-the-fly translation. Possibility to donate using Visa/Mastercard. Automated conversion to a USD-pegged token that us locked in the smart contract in the time from donation to reception. Support for fiat off ramps in more countries. Better filter and search options based on geographic location. Charity organisation status to allow donors to get tax deductions for donations. And of course a lot more polish and fine-tuning of things.

Mr. X und der Websiteschund

Nice, very very nice!! i remember the chicken project. wow i am excited 👍🏻👍🏻 resprect!! where is the correct donation address only for this project? I was 2 weeks in bosnia and seeing many problems. it was very painful, i'm also looking for solutions to help (keyword garbage separation). But your project is the start for a betther world, i think this is a revolution of donations.

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... and the people who are still asking for the price under this post are ashamed! 🖕🏼




The model introduces a vast number of upsides against traditional charitable donations: No need for escrow or trusted third parties. Reduced risk of fraud, corruption and embezzlement. No logistics or administrative costs. Donated funds remain in the local community where merchants can increase revenue that circulate the local community by their increased spending. Far more relevant charity (no mother needing infant formula for her baby ends up with 4 bags of rice) People in need can ask a supplier of a needed product to join the platform and offer their product thereby creating an actual organic network effect.


But we don't expect this to completely revolutionize charity as a whole. When major natural disasters occur, our model won't work. Entire villages being wiped out by tsunamis etc will leave the area with no infrastructure or power. This is not something our model is suitable for.


But millions of people suffer in areas with decent infrastructure and the model allows a potential receiver to borrow a smartphone or computer at the merchant/producer to create their profile. That was made possible by removing the need for receivers to have a wallet.


Our site is built "mobile first" and that's why it might look a bit odd from a normal browser on a computer. It is deliberately kept as lightweight as possible and all pages must load within 10 seconds on a 64 kilobit internet connection. This caused a few headaches and limitations for the team while we built it 😉


On a quick side note: I reached out to a team of students working on a charity project at Berkeley university. I ended up being a mentor for their team and they are now also aware of Obytes possibilities 😉

Mr. X und der Websiteschund

Of course, the project does not save the whole world, but it solved:Reduced risk of fraud, corruption and embezzlement.No logistics or administrative costs.It's revolutionary, I think you're not aware of it, what you created there. It solves one problem of many problems!


I know. And I know that in due time, a lot more people will know. I invited a journalist who is an avid blockchain adversary to come and see our project during the presentation at the university yesterday. He has a firm belief, that none of the use cases he has seen using distributed ledger technology, makes any sense at all or couldn't be solved better and faster using traditional centralized systems. After having seen the presentation, his words were something down the lines of "Alright, Casper. It seems you managed to force me into writing my first ever positive article on a use case where distributed ledger technology makes a whole lot of sense!"


I don't expect this to be even remotely noticed in traditional blockchain echo-chambers with "traders" and "investors". They can't see a profitable model in it, and they're absolutely right. This has absolutely nothing to do with profit, lambos or going to the moon. This is about making an actual positive impact on the lives of real people in difficult situations. If I can at some point say, that thanks to our platform, the life of just one small child was saved, I will have succeeded.