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I've been always emotionally and mentally abused.


Beetle plays literally almost everything with the right settings, what isn't running for you?

For example, there are some things in Zeonic Front with PCSX2 that flat out do not render, even with PCSX2's dedicated fixes for it.

Also with MSG: Encounters in Space, there are several points in game you think the settings are perfect, then next thing you know, the image is shaking and you have to change your graphic settings mid-game. Just little things like that.


I know Nocturne is fucking COMPLETELY broken on stable and plays like a motion sickness inducing nightmare, but it works FLAWLESSLY in the dev version.

Yeah. But even PCSX2 developers have mentioned that the EmotionEngine will most likely never be 100% software emulated, because there's so much with it that's still unknown by anyone but Sony.


Unless someone decides to do a hardware disassembly like with the SNES

Steambot Chronicles. And any of the RPG Maker games are a bust because the emulator won't recognize a keyboard as a KEYBOARD.

Oh no, the hardware of the Emotion Engine has been known for quite sometime. It's stuff that happens at the software level that seems to be a mystery

A lot of the issue seems to be the "Graphic Synthesizer" that's still so much of a mystery. The hardware has never really been that big of a secret.


There HAS to be a way to figure out what the fuck it's doing with a devkit or something

Possibly, but have you seen PS2 devkits around? Tool PS2's pop up sometimes, but they're rather rare.

"Not recognizing a keyboard as a usb keyboard" has the be one of the stupidest emulator issues I've encountered.


The question is simply when it's gonna show up on the market. Because companies RARELY completely get rid of old dev kits because it makes it easier to create a rerelease to charge people for.

And I imagine some of the problem is translating what 8 separate processing units do into a modern multi-core CPU is probably a lot of the difficulty. Even though it looks like one unit, there's multiple single CPU's on basically one die with the Emotion Engine. It's not like today where you have 6-8 similar cores on one die to make one CPU. I imagine that's probably some of the problem.


Steambot is on PS2 though?

*checks notes*


Carry on.


TBH, I just never got rid of my PS2 because I've never had a problem with on HDTV. N64 is another story...because it's never a standard resolution coming out, so some games will display, some won't

And now with Nintendo's bullshit "Cartridge is DRM" argument, I can't even go buy a ROM Dump peripheral just to make a dump of a ROM that won't display on the hardware and just throw it on the Raspberry Pi so it will actually play on an HDTV.

That's the emulator that I have issues with. Also that idiotic keyboard issue.

✨👑𝗔𝘇𝗲𝗿𝘆𝘁𝗵 @𝗔𝗻𝗘𝘅👑✨

You might check around and see if someone has a way to work around it. There's a site out there somewhere people usually post stuff like that with specific games.

✨👑𝗔𝘇𝗲𝗿𝘆𝘁𝗵 @𝗔𝗻𝗘𝘅👑✨

I did. Apparently I'm the first person who wants a keyboard to be seen as a keyboard.

Hrm. You know, I forgot the PS2 even supports a keyboard. You're not trying to use a wireless keyboard, are you?


I've had good experiences with PCSX2, but I stick to more popular games and JRPGs popular in the emulation community, so YMMV. I know Ape Escape 3 refuses to run at full speed because my CPU is JUST BARELY underspec compared to the test configurations (possibly because of Intel's downgrading). Everything else I tested worked well enough, I know God Hand worked flawlessly, and the Megami Tensei games too, but only on the dev version because of the previously mentioned issues with the stable version breaking the Nocturne engine.

Nope. And it was only used by like three games so

Yeah, emulation is very much a YMMV situation, because not only does it depends on emulation settings, it depends on your physical hardware too and a lot of other variables. Like I said, nothing Factor5 made for N64 is playable at any settings on Mupen64 or Project 64 to this day. Which is probably -Part- of the reason Rogue Squadron 3D popped up on Steam.


Well more than that. Like any of Agetec's releases and any online game.


Look around a little using the keywords "No-Intro" and the current year, and you'll likely find a perfect dump of whatever you're looking for.


N64 emulation just doesn't work for me like period. PS1 works perfectly, PS2 works half the time, PS3 KINDA works for the few games it even supports, anything below N64 works entirely flawlessly with literally no issues.

Nah, the issue is always if a game runs at anything less than 480i. My TV will not display anything smaller than that. N64 was designed for a basic CRTV, so the output resolution varies from game to game. Most will display at 480i, but not all of them do.


Higan is a fucking godsend for SNES emulation.

That's why I have the Raspi, without some kind of upscaler, SNES and NES flatout will not display on my TV at all. With N64, it just depends on the game's output resolution.

Supposedly, my HD Audio receiver WILL upscale Composite images, however, it seems to have a 480i limit as well.


It should be noted that last I checked, which was like 5 years ago, under federal law it's totally fine to download a ROM for a game you own on cart.

This Nintendo thing was in the last 2 years.

Where they sided with Nintendo the cartridge is a form of DRM

the only thing was stupid


I mean, I guess it is for modern games in the same way the keurig cup is patented, but abandonware is abandonware, there's no fucking point in preventing abandonware piracy, because it is SELDOM enforced by the actual rights holders

Note that all of this wasn't even an issue UNTIL Nintendo started repacking games for modern systems.

Yep. It's literally Nintendo being like "HEY THAT CUTS INTO OUR PROFITS YOU CAN'T DO THAT" Bitch, you didn't even fucking care about your previous titles for 20 years until now.


And Capcom/Sega/Sony too, but none of them have strong stances ANYMORE.

I think that's because Sony can't really argue the disc itself is a form of DRM. Nintendo is a special case BECAUSE of the cartridge and format.

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Sega used to be REALLY hard on fan titles but now they don't give a single shit and let actual ROMHacks on Steam Workshop.

Fitvix Surprise

That was literally the decision. Because Nintendo used a cartridge, and it was proprietary to them, that in itself was a form of DRM by preventing easy copying. You can't really make that same argument with a DVD or BluRay disc.

About the only thing Sony could do is go after Swap Magic for having a disc with a Sony PS1 or PS2 identifier manufactured onto the disc.


Ok so why hasn't the government cracked down on "bootleg" kcups and other things protected with proprietary shapes?

Because it's slightly different with Kcup. Sure, it's Keurig's thing, but Keurig doesn't actually MAKE coffee.

Fiery Snowfall
17:47:8's kinda like comparing apples to oranges.


Regardless, if you by any chance want a ROM for ANY Nintendo game, well, the No-Intro folks officially keep checksums of ROMs, however they sorta have collection "leaks" on certain imageboards, and a particular clover site's torrent board...

Besides, the thing is, even if it is patented, other companies can make coffee makers that use a K-cup, and probably have the manufacturing licensed by Keurig. Do you really see Nintendo doing something like that?