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Just wondering why i need to submit my kyc again for the card?

Markus Wulff



BNB Hodler

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Markus Wulff

give admin time you have just posted it

Adam | Crypterium Support

Hello. Because this identity validation is required by our partner, not us. Also, they need some info, which we don't have in our KYC at the moment (like an address proof).

Adam | Crypterium Support

It's a known issue, the team is working on it. Will be fixed soon, just ignore it.


Markus Wulff

What is the partner name or you cant tell?

Adam | Crypterium Support

One moment please.

How come my number in line went 1000 places up?


Can i have more than one card?

Adam | Crypterium Support

I'm, but we are not disclosing the partner yet.

Will it effect the delivery time?


Because you clicked on activate card and its not ready for that yet

Adam | Crypterium Support

When did you check last time?

Adam | Crypterium Support

Not now, maybe will be possible later.

10 minutes ago it was 4500

And after I submitted the new kyc it went up by 1000 places


Adam | Crypterium Support

I will DM you.

Guys does the crypto to MasterCard feature works with everywhere and all countries


Adam | Crypterium Support

Hi. Yes it is, but some banks aren't processing transactions like this. In that case it will be just cancelled and you funds will be back to account shortly.

Is it just me or can we not trade CRPT with other crypto?

What is the basic card costing now 14,99 or 9,99 ?

Non-crpt holders

Adam | Crypterium Support

What's the issue?

So when I got Crpt on my App it cost me 9,99 ?

Adam | Crypterium Support

9.99 for CRPT holders.

Yea, that's my understanding.

Adam | Crypterium Support

200+ CRPT, yes.

Ok how do I pay ? Have to pay with crpt token ?

Only CRPT/BTC available. I want to sell LTC and buy CRPT

Sell LTC to buy CRPT???? Sorry, wrong chat.

conquering crypto

Yes you are not the only one having a conversation

Adam | Crypterium Support

Will be taken from the balance after you complete the card KYC.


Adam | Crypterium Support

One moment please.


Adam | Crypterium Support

Unfortunately, only BYC can be used for the CRPT exchanges. You can just exchange LTC for BTC and use that BTC. We don't charge fees for this feature, so it won't be a bog difference I think.

The App has a 200 sats spread on CRPT. That makes it very expensive on a $50 purchase and even more expensive on a $500 purchase compared to Kucoin for example.

The other pairs excluding CRPT are reasonably priced

Adam | Crypterium Support

Maybe it's just updated here or on KuCoin (new order or something). The system works similar for all the currencies, so all the prices are decent usually 😊

Just a hint. You might get more people to buy CRPT if you offer other pairs

Paulione Oks

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Less complicated to transfer to BTC first

Adam | Crypterium Support

Sure, it will be done a bit later.