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​On Instagram, you can now sort and group your “Subscriptions” ↔️
In the “Subscriptions” section, two lists have appeared, in which lists of profiles are displayed, with whom most often you interact and vice versa ✅

Least of all interactions - this list displays the accounts with which you least interacted in the last 9️⃣0️⃣ days.

Most often shown in the stream - this list displays the accounts that most often appeared in your stream over the past 9️⃣0️⃣ days.

In addition, in the "Subscriptions" section, sorting by date of subscription to a particular profile is available 👌

First, the last - in this list, your “subscriptions” will be sorted by date in the reverse order, that is, first those you last subscribed to, for example, yesterday, the day before, etc.☝️

First, the first - in this list your "subscriptions" will be sorted by date, that is, first those to whom you subscribe first. For example, with this sort, you can see who you signed up for first 😊

By default, your "subscriptions" will be sorted by frequency of interaction with them ✔️

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​Instagram made it possible to respond to Stories with gifs. Now the emotions of communication will become much brighter! 💥
The “GIF” button appeared in the message box, clicking on it, it will be possible to select a gif or sticker from the currently popular ones, and you can also use the search and find a gif that is ideal for a particular occasion 👌

In fact, this is a good solution, since reactions in the form of gifs can be much more interesting and emotional than just emoticons 🤗

This feature is already available to almost all users of the social network, but there may be exceptions, wait ☝️

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