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Please familiarise yourself with the #rules

Posting job offers in our channels is not allowed. Please take note. And check out the #rules. Thanks! 👍

Dear #Storiqa followers! Please follow #rules and remember that this is ENGLISH 🚩language chat only. ❌Forbidden: 1️⃣ Chat members abuse, swearwords, trolling, spreading FUD 2️⃣ Third-party projects discussing and advertising (both direct and hidden) as well as negative and blaming messages about other projects 3️⃣ Spam, flood, text fully written in CAPS, excessive usage of stickers, images, and GIFs. Questions like "when exchange?", "when moon?", "when lambo?" etc. WILL BE CONSIDERED AS SPAM AS WELL 4️⃣ Posting any links, videos or voice messages 5️⃣ Undermining Storiqa team authority, insulting Storiqa team members, giving unreliable facts about Storiqa project 6️⃣ Appealing for unlawful actions (including pump and dump mechanics)

📣 STICKERS CHAT RULES 📣 📢 Olá amigos, regras simples: Falar APENAS para: 1⃣ Fale e compartilhe apenas com Stickers - Somente 1 stiker por pacote 2⃣ Fazer um pedido de adesivo usando a hashtag #request 3⃣ Nenhum conteúdo adulto 🔞 4⃣ Evitar o envio exagerado 5⃣ Apenas Em Inglês 🇬🇧 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📢دوستان عزیز به گروه استیکر چت خوش آمدید. 1.لطفا از هر سری(پک) استیکر فقط یک استیکر بفرستید. 2.فرستادن و درخواست هر گونه استیکر غیر اخلاقی ، +18 ممنوع🚫 3.بمباران استیکری نکنید. 4.فقط به انگلیسی درخواست استیکر کنید. 5.اگر استیکری میخواهید لطفا از هشتگ request# استفاده کنید تا دوستان برایتان ارسال کنند. مثال: ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📢 Hi Friends, simple rules: ONLY speak for: 1⃣ Talk and share with Stickers - Just 1 sticker per Pack 2⃣ Make an Sticker request using the hashtag #request 3⃣ No adult content 🔞 4⃣ Prevent flooding 5⃣ Only English 🇬🇧 #request #SpongeBob #info #rules ⚡️Powered by @S4Dynamics

Welcome to Blockchain Malaysia #2 Unverified Group Invite link: GET VERIFIED TO JOIN BTC 1 VIP GROUP (one time lifetime payment MYR 200 applies) - see below Item 3. We love the following TRADING PLATFORMS ====================================== Global users: Hitbtc Crypto Exchange at Malaysia users: Don't forget to join our Telegram Channel at RULES OF THIS GROUP - BTC 2 MALAYSIA ====================================== 1. This is NOT a trading group!, Beware of people trying to sell bitcoin, mining services, etc! a. We welcome intellectual discourse on bitcoin/altcoin pricing, blockchain industry news, etc. b. People who promote unverified ICO/HYIP/MLM/Ponzi/Get Rich Quick schemes/faucet links/cloud mining links - will be banned. c. Don't spread political news, false information, disinformation, malice, incite anger and animosity. d. We do not have personal information on BTC Malaysia #2 group members. So if you are scammed, we cannot assist the police in their investigations. e. SPAMMERS/SCAMMERS will be ban! SCAMMERS LIST: f. HYIP/ GET RICH QUICK LIST: / Members that post names of companies listed on will be booted out without notice! g. PLEASE PERFORM YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE FOR ANY POSTINGS in here. 2. Newbies read 2a. Salam kenal bitcoin -> 2b. ICOs -> 2c. BNM news » 3. To be a verified member for Group VIP 1, please PM @COLBERTLOW directly and submit your KYC information. #verify #rules 3a. I would encourage everyone to be a verified member. Then you will be part of the VIP #1 Group where we hold special meetups and events. Users can only safely trade with BTC 1 verified users. One time payment MYR 200 will be charged (processing and validation fee) 4. Date 10 July 2016 #victim of scams - 1. imran 2. rachel b (don't trade with unverified sellers, you are gonna get SCAMMED!) Guys if you have been scammed by Amrik Singh/Rogers/Ethereum Master (+60 165095281) , please make a police report and PM me with the report number! 5. This group is owned by Darth Colbert, Owner of || Contact me @COLBERTLOW 4. Events in Malaysia: Introducing our new Telegram group: Blockchain Tech Events in Malaysia - Invite Link #admins #admin Group Admins: @COLBERTLOW @JASONCHEWYL @ycjoo

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The Most Powerful Infrastructure for Decentralized Applications @EOSProject General EOS discussion and support. Questions encouraged. Be respectful. NO spam, NO price/trading discussion. Violators will be banned. English Only Please!

FDS Korea(Vinci 플랫폼)


Best PHP chat Еще: @dbGeeks - базы данных @phpGeeksJunior - новичкам @moscowProgers - IT Москва @ebanoePhp - весёлый канал о PHP @laravel_pro - Laravel @jobGeeks - вакансии @jsChat - JS Правила: ДР - 28.03.2016

Caperucita la ramera WEREWOLF

Grupo de lobo. Si estás aburrid@ y tienes un tiempo muerto, podrás matar el aburrimiento jugando o hablando por el grupo. Lee el ANCLADO y sigue las intrucciones escritas. Nuestro bot: @caperucitabot Únete a jugar con nosotr@s 😊:

Каршероводы говорят

@truesharing основной канал @carsharing_breaking новости @carsharing_daily дневники каршероводов @truesharing_feed все посты с сайта Связь @yuranikolaev Бан/разбан @Nikkidv Поддержать проект на Patreon Стата


2ch /po/

Google Voice 交流群

🐑 Herdsman Web Developer

本群組以網頁開發、UI 設計、和其他關於網站等話題為主,也可以聊聊天~

Bkex.com币客官方中文群 | Bkex official service Group

Redmi 5A (Riva) ID

👥 Komunitas Pengguna Xiaomi Redmi 5A (Riva) Indonesia #️⃣ Ketik /tags - untuk melihat tag yg tersedia 📢 Channel: @Redmi5AID_Channel 🤝 Partner: @Redmi5AID_OOT @WinTenGroup @LinuxGroupID 🕰 Est. Dec 27, 2017 ⚠️ No Badword, No GIF ⚠️

Реклама Чат 👥

🔘 📈 #Куплю 🔘 💶 #Продам 🔘 🔁 #ВП 🔘 ⛔️ Авторы любых других сообщений будут блокироваться! 📲Связь : @Billionaire

Trollandia del 2510_YT.

Nel gruppo verranno eseguiti giveaway di Netflix 1 volta a settimana.

Каталог с бесплатным моментальным размещением

👍 Свободный бесплатный пиар всего чего угодно. Сколько угодно раз в день! Более 6300 подписчиков Админ @LetEatBee01

COSS.IO - General discussions


Чат для тёплого дружеского общения и интересных знакомств. ✅Наши правила. Обязательно к прочтению: ✅Мы всегда тебе рады!❤️ ✅По вопросам сотрудничества и рекламы: @Detka_Black

Edrcoin Official Group

official website get 1% increase everyday !EDRC total supply 3615219 listed on: our channel

Weeb are number one

SFW Offtopic group thx. @animu_chat for Ontopic @lewdchat for NSFW @weeb_stash for daily weeb pics for keks

Hardware ( )

OFERTAS: Y Chollos: @forochollosCOM ⚠️ NORMAS: ⚠️ Prohibido Amazon Afiliados (TAG) GRUPO OFFTOPIC : @hwofftopic Consultas serias en: Más Grupos:

Scienza e Fisica

La Scienza. Gestito da @andreaidini contribuite su (chiedete l'iscrizione al gruppo apposito!) YouTube Andrea Idini, OT frivolo Scienza Fuori Tema parte di @flamesnetwork


*منهاج التوحید*


Whalepool #longterminvestors

Interact with traders worldwide on a variety of platforms: - Teamspeak: - Web: - YouTube: - Twitter:

Binance English


Java 编程语言


HT为Huobi Token的简称,全名为火币全球生态积分,昵称:火腿。HT是基于以太坊的去中心化数字资产,由火币集团发行。HT是基于区块链发行和管理的积分系统,可在火币内部以及火币生态体系下的多场景中使用。HT应用到火币集团全球业务与全球生态体系的各类应用中,成为火币集团生态体系支撑的重要枢纽。