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You could also get awarded. If you have an idea, develop it further, give it some legs, let’s build.

Dietmar Kuhn

When is the mainnet swap done so i can get my Zil of the exchange?

I was referring to the quality of your post, not anything specific in it.

I understand giving a grant to a non-developer if they really bring something special to the table. That Medium post falls far short of "something special."


i was of the impression that binance and kukoin had already swapped tthem out... was i mistaken?

As for your claim that ONLY Han Wen knew of your grant application, please don't insult everyone's intelligence. Yes, you can claim otherwise and get all indignant about it, but anyone with half a brain will know that is almost certainly not true.

Can you just say what you have been typing?

Dietmar Kuhn

Where can I find out if the Mainnet swap is done?


not done


Ah, now I see. Understandable, for sure. But let me make just a couple counterpoints. 1-the innovation track has been marketed from day 1 as a grant for the “entrepreneurs who wish to create dapps”. I am literally that. Started a biz, made it successful. And now see ways to bring it onchain. We ask for transactions and projects here, so I’ve stepped up to the plate to make a valid attempt. 2-the grant for this track and what we do is very minimal. We are not taking funds out of any bodies pockets here. 3-my cofounder is a full stack developer, and we have two other very professional engineers we’ve tapped; one of which works for google currently. 4-don’t rush me.


you can still send to kukoin and i think binace

Token swap is on-going. Binance and Kucoin continue to support token swap


anbd they will swap them out

if only all token swaps were so easy

Dietmar Kuhn

Thank you

so just send to the erc20 address on either.... you can google it to make sure-but i thinkthey are both doing the same thing eth zil in then swapped..

If you have that much tech talent on staff, don't you think it would have been a good idea to provide the tiniest bit of their perspective on this project to establish your team's bona fides? It was my understanding the grant was for $20,000. If it was for substantially less than that, I apologize for my comments. If the grant amount is $20k, close to it, or in excess of $20k, I disagree with your characterization of the amount of the grant.


Establishing team Bona fides is not for TG. We’ll have a board of directors for that. And honestly bro, I’m not looking to fuss back and forth with you. I’m sorry you’re disappointed, that’s unfortunate. But I’m not sorry for taking action. I’m excited. And I’m going to continue to be about action and you’re still welcome to follow along.

Lawson Keswick

If this support holds, it will indicate that bulls are not willing to wait for lower levels to buy, which is a positive sign. The next rally is likely to retest $13,973.50.

Lawson Keswick

On the other hand, if bears sink the price below $9,871.81, the next support is at the 50% retracement level of $8,604.80 If anyone has any other questions about crypto feel free to message me!


Price talk happens in@zilliqacommunity

Thanks for admitting that your bro hooked you up with a $20k+ grant by not responding to my explicit call-outs concerning the amount of the grant and the fact that people other than Han Wen knew you were applying for a grant.


Dude. A) We didn’t get that amount. B) Why do you sound like such a hater right now?

Lol, because the best internet friend of the very recent head marketing hire receiving a grant is an absolute joke.

You seriously didn't appreciate that this would be practically everyone's reaction to this?

Ordinarily, when people in a management position care about a project, they endeavor to avoid even the APPEARANCE of impropriety. It's highly amusing and disappointing that didn't happen here.


Truly fam, this is not a good look for you. There was no under handed manipulation, and lets just stop with the tiptoeing around: Mark and I did not collude in any way for this grant. Furthermore, It’s mad disrespectful to assume I couldn’t lace up my own boots and fill out the application like everybody else. I’ve lived the kind of life that hasn’t given handouts. I’ve earned all that I have, from the bottom to the top. And so far, you’re the only negative voice I’ve heard. But most of our community is asleep. I guess we’ll see how sentiment looks later.

Trying to transfer from Binance to Zillet and have a tx hash and nothing on the blockchain and naturally, no Zilliqa in my Zillet wallet. anyone know of any issues?


😂 bruh you deleted all your comments?




Are you serious?


Unless it was admin. Idk


Did you follow that convo?


I was banned from channel about 10 seconds before you made your final reply post


Funny how the timing of that worked out


Admin did u do that or nah?

I just banned him for his nonsense

Anonymouse joined the group

Oh ok, thanks. Indeed it was. I’ll erase

yes, already swapped to mainnet ZIL

He was indeed talking some nonsense. But I do not see a need to ban that dude. You could have just muted him.

Thanks for the advice

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@amkumaIs there a change in the policy in the telegram channel that we do not know about.
Is the new policy to ban any one who talks nonsense?

Yu Programmer

Hi admin, Is there a commuity for developer only?


Gitter is developer specific.

you should ban less

Yu Programmer

ok thank you.!

We could be banking 10 people daily if we ban for non sense.


banning kill comunity

That’s what I have seen in other communities. It creates more negative sentiment. People yell and scream all the time. But banning should be reserved for GROSS VIOLATION of rules. And again warning was never give to him. I am not saying that dude was correct. But what I am saying is the admins of the OFFICIAL channel should be more tolerant. Let’s see what Amrit says.

yes 100%

i get ban here too, for nothing big and no warning and no time limit only joona help me becasue i keep try

my freind say ban sends hodler away to look at other coins and then the buy new coin and not come back because ban started it

Many if the loyal community members have lost their nerve and commented somethings which they regret later. Including myself. We can’t keep banning everyone. In the end there will be 100 like minded people left in the channel with no contradictory views.

yes this not good admin plese fix this fast

also ban user make me think maybe he had point why dapp money go to admin freind

admin ban make this worse

what if ban user have big zil hold and now sell for new coin, no good

q tgram

meanwhile the zil blockchain has been putting out empty blocks for two hours... is an update being done?

S S, [20.07.19 06:23] yes i check zil blockchain nothing for two hour why?

Maybe thats why my transaction is not going through.

Jun Hao Tan, [20.07.19 06:49] Hi all, We received an alert on the continous View change issue that the Zilliqa mainnet is facing as of UTC 04:45 hrs (20th July). We are conducting further investigation and will deploy a appropiate fix to resume the consensus for block propagation. We kindly request you to bear with us while we resolve the issue. We will inform everyone once the issue is resolved. Thanks, Zilliqa Team



what wallet supports zilliqa ?


You can use Moonlet wallet

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Scammer spotted 🤪

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Jun Hao Tan



no support for hardware wallet yet ?

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Network down?


Jun Hao Tan, [20.07.19 06:49] Hi all, We received an alert on the continous View change issue that the Zilliqa mainnet is facing as of UTC 04:45 hrs (20th July). We are conducting further investigation and will deploy a appropiate fix to resume the consensus for block propagation. We kindly request you to bear with us while we resolve the issue. We will inform everyone once the issue is resolved. Thanks, Zilliqa Team

Coin Baba

again and again and again

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Jatin Kalra




Joona (Will not DM you)
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Bigdata Blockchain Maker

i have a question, is there any view changes issue on other token transactions like ETH, BTC.. etc

Bigdata Blockchain Maker

i have seen view changes issue so many times after mainnet launching. and i think if view changes issue keep await, it is difficult to adjust zil token to real world use cases

Joona (Will not DM you)

Other BFT protocols such as NEO have had this problem, the difference there aswell that NEO is controlled by a small amount of nodes owned by them which makes it easier for them.

Joona (Will not DM you)

We will keep improving the mainnet and working on the issies constantly.

Bigdata Blockchain Maker

so you mean, zil team can find solution to getting rid of view changes issue?

Joona (Will not DM you)


Bigdata Blockchain Maker

OK Thanks

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Mark Kamphuis

View change is part of the protocol safety mechanism. So the hiccups are not about view change itself, but rather about the time it takes to get resolved.

Coin Baba

elrond, how will they manage this 😂😂😂