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exactly!!! NEVER SHARE Private Key or PK, not even with Admins. Too many scammers around. Stay SAFU and eliminate the#scam

There are SCAMMERS trying to pose as admins.#scam

And NEVER trust if an admin (or a copy of me) contacts you over PM with a differente wallet address.#scam

Time to leave the worst project in crypto.#scam

Anyone who will PM you first is 99,9%#scam- ignore and report to admins please 😊

Please be aware of scammers, Admins will NEVER contact you. There are fake admin profiles, the real ones will never ask you PK, will not try to sell you any token.#scam

Their are still people asking for you to send them crypto and you will get something for free. They are scammers. Be careful with your crypto.#scam

Please all do not trade in private. Not all out there are honest. These scum bags prey on the innocent and copy our profile. We never dm you first. Please be careful.#scam

I think everybody got the ideea, total troll and#scamthat fellow 😁