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I also find that we are an extremely solid community in Telegram but never really take the energy we build up here to Twitter or FB. We have 3,700 people in this group, yet when I search#Reddcoinon Twitter I mostly see myself,@TechAdept@Nickypawn@WillemDikand@davevanbeetenhyping the project to bring about public awareness. If I missed you I apologize. If even half of us brought to these social platforms, everyday, the same energy we cultivate here I believe we would double members. So when PoSVv2 is released we need to storm social media to ensure the fork and bring about general awareness to the best damn crypto there is....just my 2 Reddcoin 🤷🏽‍♂️

As far as getting the word out....if we all bombard twitter with snapshots of our current stakes and hashtag#PoSv2#PassiveIncome#Reddcoin#Staking#NetworkSecuritywe would make quite the splash