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BUSTED: Police shut down crypto ‘mixing’ operation

glad to have you guys! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 we just had a community live yesterday and tons of good stuff coming soon, it's a great time to join the mandala community:

BBC News: India elections 2019: Voters to find out if Modi returns as PMCounting is set to begin as a marathon - and bitterly fought - election draws to its conclusion.

DAVICHI NETWORK AIRDROP 1,000 DVC = 0.1 ETH / 17 USD -1,000 DVC = 0.1 ETH / 17 USD friends - (Please Submit the Telegram username of your referrer) :@vaqifmamedov68 the Telegram channel:

DAVICHI NETWORK AIRDROP 1,000 DVC = 0.1 ETH / 17 USD -1,000 DVC = 0.1 ETH / 17 USD

I use the old ver, have problem?!

I use the old ver, have problem?!

Ultra spicy ramen from Umaido in Georgia.

Ultra spicy ramen from Umaido in Georgia.

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PlayGame, a direct-to-play gaming platform, is holding a KCS Super Competition in collaboration with KuCoin to celebrate the recent partnership. The competition will run from 12:00 (UTC+8) on May 16, 2019 to 19:00 (UTC+8) on May 29, 2019. Participate for a chance to win a share of the total prize of 1,000 KCS and 450,000 PXG.

VLM Bounty BotJoin VOLUM bounty bot to get up to 120 VLM tokens (~$33.6) for simple social tasks! the Telegram channel:

VLM Bounty Bot
Join VOLUM bounty bot to get up to 120 VLM tokens (~$33.6) for simple social tasks!

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🚀 New TTC Lucky Box Airdrop🎁 N/A
🏦 TTC Connect App 👇Android👇✅ Create your wallet and backup wallet
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♦️TTC Protocol Airdrop
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1- Yukarıdaki linkten TTC uygulamasını indir. Uygulamayı aç, Pin kodu belirle
2- "Create Wallet" seçeneği ile yeni wallet aç ve 12 kelimeyi biryere not al ve uygulamayı aç.
3- "Dapps" sekmesine girip (3.sekme) "Lucky Box" tıklayarak oyunu çalıştır. Oyunu çalıştırırken kodu girmessen alamazsın.
👉Kod: 5QP2
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🚀 New TTC Lucky Box Airdrop
🎁 N/A

Download TTC Connec...

We would like to inform that all of the tokens will be distributed to the official community on June 2, 2019.

Currently, the token has been officially trading on Mecatox, Catex and Hubi

Airdrop Devam ediyor dagıtım 2 hazirda yapılacak proje durumuna göre Raund 2 yapılabir bu borsalarda işlem görüyor Mecatox, Catex Hubi

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📁Name: BitPump
📆Date Started: May, 20-2019
⁉Status: ...

Here , no 20190522 update showing , any solution

Here , no 20190522 update showing , any solution

If the loyalty was part of the consideration, doesn’t it defeat the fundamental concept of decentralization ?

For those that didn't get Noam's email update! Morpheus.Network's April & May Recap We are Proud to Welcome Geotab to the Morpheus.Network Ecosystem! We’re proud to announce an agreement with Geotab, the leader in North American fleet tracking. Geotab focuses on fleet management, aiming to improve safety, fleet optimization, compliance, scalability, and more. Their solutions have hundreds of thousands of applications in a variety of transportation-related fields. Geotab, which currently works with Pepsi, and other major brands, has also recently signed a significant government contract — the largest fleet tracking contract ever facilitated. In addition to accessing Geotab technology, Morpheus.Network will be an official middleware reseller for Geotab products which includes cutting-edge GPS vehicle tracking devices. Geotab hardware trackers will integrate directly with Morpheus.Network using integrated modules to facilitate automated workflows. Read about the Geotab Integration » Morpheus.Network Signs Partner Agreement with Joffroy Group Morpheus.Network is proud to announce we’ve officially signed a partner agreement with the logistics specialists Joffroy Group to provide superior supply chain visibility and automate compliance processes!  Founded in 1904 by Mr. Alex Joffroy during the “Wild West” of the Americas, the exporter is an integrated Mexican and US Broker, Freight Fowarder, Warehouse, Transport and Logistics business. Joffroy services major clients including Pepsico, Dematic, Steris, Metso, Carl’s Jr, 3M, Cemex, and more. Our initial project will feature exporting of avocados in the agriculture and food industry. Read about the Joffroy Group Partnership » Presentation: CEO Dan Weinberger at the Blockchain Formation Dîner in Montreal In May, co-founder and CEO Dan Weinberger presented at the Blockchain Formation Dîner in Montreal, QC, Canada. Hosted by Jon Trask of Blockchain Guru, the “lunch and learn” created opportunities for business leaders, IT leaders and logistics executives to learn more about digital transformation through training about blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT). The diner enabled discussions regarding key issues and solutions that can be solved with emerging technology such as blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence (AI). Read about the Blockchain Formation Dîner » Plug and Play’s Focus Week: Summary The beginning of April marked Morpheus.Network’s participation in Plug and Play’s Focus Week. An intensive, 4-day on-site meeting between Corporate Partners, Venture Capital firms and selected startups.  Plug and Play Tech Center is a network startup accelerator and corporate innovation platform with global headquarters in Sunnyvale, California in the Silicon Valley. The largest accelerator in the world, it runs two programs per year in each industry and location (totalling 50 accelerator programs per year) and has 250 corporate partners and 200 venture capitalists in its ecosystem. It was recently named the ‘Most active Silicon Valley venture capital firm’ by Silicon Valley Business Journal. Our Head of Global business Development Karl McDermott gives some background to Plug and Play, their founder, and some of their success stories. Read about Plug and Play's Focus Week »

You have all the time enough. We care about safety. Take more time❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

And please when integration with binance chain

Fuel bouncing🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

Great idea, a rep system that works would be awesome

BitMEX XBTUSD futures has liquidated a long position of 254,286 contracts ($254,286) at 7622.0. Margin lost: $2,542@100x; $5,085@50x -- Thu May 23 01:43:55 +0000 2019

Zilliqa day is on the 18 June 2019 if thats what you mean.

Hi admin, where can I PM you?

Can you take a screenshot of the username?

Nauticus out it tenicus so faricus.

On second thoughts, I don't think it is a female. It has 4 spiky horns on its head 😄

Hopefully both teams try to one up each other when it comes to transparency, dev, and plans.

What if users had a reputation score, one that was built by creating quality content. Live video clips would be able to boost your rep more than photos and pre-recorded videos. Once a user reached the required rep score they would be granted moderator privileges, allowing them to earn more rewards. Moderator activity would need to be fully transparent, they need to be held accountable. These would be the people who are most beneficial to the network.. creating quality content and curating content

Sorry it was just wierd getting two responses, wanted to make sure that was you.



She is an exchange 😁

Also, if the devs keep this up, they are going to run out of colors!!

Too many announcements not enough progression

I really love this project 😍😘

I saw crazy support pop in at 7500 I don't see it breaking that

What is difference between the two? Caf and aosp

ZIL at convention today 🤔 in Malta, binance home. Binance also released a research report on them 🤔 and zil said they want to make a stable coin. BINANCE said be careful what you wish for when someone asked for a binance stable coin 🤔

Oi you keep posting the same thing over and over again

so If you do not like this. Thank your funds are safe....... Please keep it somwhere where it is not safe.

Can I ask if Panda_Lee_KuCoin_43 is member of Kucoin team ?

Hello, could you describe your problem?

It is good to give ubi to verified users.

🔥 Automatically Like Instagram Posts 🔥
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But what does she do? I am assuming it is another female like Jade

We can expect another big leg down for btc over next 24 hours before a prolonged upward trend

i been waiting for the lood for long.. nw its over, it retraced... lol crypto basic man

Edna may log the DNA of rhinos to inhibit poaching for tusks by making the source traceable.

币圈早报第213期-比特币披萨日九周年 当前一万枚BTC可买超385万个披萨

Probably a bit of both

After the blood was at .02000 USDT, now is meh

Oo nga po at ano po meron campaign natin?

Hello, could you try to send again? Please kindly select the right country code, and insert a correct phone number. You then will receive the SMS. Thanks



Perhaps zil has another round

Have you sent how people just shill Matic none stop ? It’s got to crazy levels

Wag naman sana hugutin pababa ni btc si matic. Kahit 315 buy ko ang sakit sakit na