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Telegram6.0is here to bring youChat Folders,Channel Statsand more.
If you have too many chats, you can now put your work and school chats intoseparate tabs– and swipe to switch between them.
If you're looking tohidesome chats from view, you don't need folders – simply send them to yourArchive.
Owners of large channels with more than 1000 subscribers can now viewdetailed statisticsabout the growth of their channels and the performance of their posts.
We've also added a host of newanimatedemojiandstickers. Type 🦠 in any chat to see some suggestions and check this blog post for more:


Telegram helpshealth authoritiesaround the world spread accurate information about the pandemic throughverified channels.
To fight the spread of misinformation and the virus itself, make sure to alwayscheck your sources– and wash your hands 🧼.
On a lighter note, we've added a new set of 😷masksfor the built-in Photo Editor.
Read more about the new tools and changes on our blog:


Celebrating400 Millionmonthly users 🥳
We’ve added addititonal features to quizzes and@QuizBotto help makeeducational tests– and are launching a contest with€400K in prizesfor users who make academic quizzes.
Thesticker panelhas been updated: you can now scroll through over20,000 stickersfrom professional artists, going all the way back to the very first submissions.
Android’sattachment menugot a makeover with newanimated icons, while macOS receivedredesigned profile pagesanddrawing toolsfor its photo editor.
Read all about the latest milestone on our blog, with a secret look at what else is coming in 2020 🎥📞🤔


The latest Telegram update lets youenhance videos, putanimated stickerson any media, andzoom inwhen drawing on photos and videos.
TheGIF panelgot upgraded withemoji-based sectionsand aTrendingtab for the most relevant and popular expressions.GIF loading speedshave been greatly improved, to make sorting and sending even quicker.Androidhas a host ofnew animationsandinterfaces, you can read all about them on our blog: