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#POSP#Potato#Q#OfficialPOSP 3.1.8+13 - OFFICIAL | Android 10.Build date - 23.05.2020◾Download◾ChangelogBy@simrat39Follow 👉@WhyredUpdatesJoin 👉@RedmiNote5ProOfficial

#POSP #Potato #Q #Official
POSP 3.1.8+13 - OFFICIAL | Android 10.
Build date - 23.05.2020



#Rebellion#Official#ROMRebellionOS New Update Is ON! | Android 10📍 Build Date-20.04.2020▪️Build Type-Rebelized▪️ROM Version-v1.7 Star Wars Edition▪️Download[778.3 MB]▪️Changelogs▪️Notes- GApps Not IncludedBy-@NAHSEEZJoin 👉🏻@WhyRedCloud™ for more updatesGroup 👉🏻@Rn5POfficial|@Rn5POT

#Rebellion #Official #ROM 
RebellionOS New Update Is ON! | Android 10
📍 Build Date - 20.04.2020

▪️Build Type - Rebe...

#TitaniumOS#TOS#Whyred#OfficialTitanium OS v1.1 OfficialDate 17/03/2020

CL Source :

• Add KG Charging Animation
• Add GoogleSans-Medium Font
• Add privapp whitelist permissions for ThemePicker
• Add Mono audio tile (aka headphone in one ear only)
• OOS style brightness thumb
• Add method to detect whether overlay is enabled
• Introduce RGB Gradient Picker
• Introduce RGB accenter
• base: Screen Stabilization
• Edge lighting code improvements
• Increase back gesture vibration duration
• Add back gesture haptic feedback toggle
• SystemUI: Add color modes for edge lighting
• SystemUI: Pulse edge light for all doze triggers
• SystemUI: Allow limiting edge lighting repeats
• SystemUI: Allow changing duration of ambient edge light
• SystemUI: Add auto color option for edge lightning
• SystemUI: Support using notification color for pulse light
• SystemUI: Add Pulse and Ambient notification bars
• SystemUI: FPS Info improvements
• FPS Info Overlay & Tile
• Reload Pixel Home Animation without reboot
• Pixel Navbar animation toggle
• Unlink AoD switch pref from AoD on charge
• Settings: Add ROM Version to Firmware version window
• Settings: Add all gesture preview animations
• OpaLayout: Set PorterDuff mode to SRC_ATOP
• OpaLayout: Evaluate intensity correctly
• SQUASHED] Gradient Shit
• Gradient Preparation
• Hide gentle notification header independently of section priorities
• AnyMore

CL Device Side :
• Lastest Source Device tree
• any more
• Fix video
• fix aod
• fix kernel
• new thermal
• new power
• newblob cam
• lastest kernel sonic
• build kernel clang version 11
• eas kernel new

By :@skylarkAurora& Ancient Family
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#BL#Official#Q#ROMBootleggers 5.0 - OFFICIAL | Android 10Build Date - 08.03.2020◾Download◾Changelog◾SupportChatBy@simrat39Follow 👉@WhyredUpdatesJoin 👉@RedmiNote5ProOfficial

#BL #Official #Q #ROM
Bootleggers 5.0 - OFFICIAL | Android 10
Build Date - 08.03.2020