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-Nine (@fadhila_ara) menge-Tweet: if#BCDcan't breakout, please don't think of it as altcoin anymore (

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#BCDproof 👆Compare time according to my Newyork timezone in both screenshot

#BCD proof 👆
Compare time according to my Newyork timezone in both screenshot

#BCDresult3rd target achieved within 5 days✅✅✅One more profit 17%💰💰🤑🤑
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#BCD result 
3rd target achieved within 5 days✅✅✅

One more profit 17%💰💰🤑🤑

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#BCDBuy zone 8000-8210Sell zone 8500-8800-9300-9950+


#BCDBuy zone 6400-6600Sell zone 6900-7300-7800-8500+


I am unsure of this, as I am unfamiliar personally with atomic wallet. Anyone? Diamond Pay App is Developer focus at this time and developing more network relationships to the rest of our global community! 😉❤️👍🚀🚀 THANK YO and please, be SAFE have enjoyable weekend!#BCD#DiamondLightning#DiamondRadarLightning

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I think the most important thing for#BCDsuccess is partnership with other countries. Otherwise it would be really hard to make it mass-adoption.How partnerships are going on?

Basically, each cryptocurrency project has a main mission and plans for the future development of the project! What are the main future missions and plans of the#BCD, what are the main problems you face and how do you try to solve them?

Security and anonymity are always prioritized by blockchain projects in the development of project platforms and technologies. So, does#BCDhave any technological solutions or plans to enhance user trust in these issues?

What is#BCDlong-term vision about the industry which Compound is working at?Are you afraid some day there will another project with more innovative technology can replace Compound?

Since individual account doesn’t have a wallet, what is the means of ID? Also, you said if am correct that transaction time is much faster almost instantly than the usual blockchains. My question is that, have you tested your own#BCD-chain if I may call it so with the kind of a load of transactions other blockchains like BTC has acquired to see if there will be some glitches in the future as in slower or faster transaction than what you have vision? Can it work off-network?

When did#BCDtoken come into inceptionWhat are the team doing to drive the price of the token upward
What are they putting in place to make the token more demanding."

Blockchain transactions are completed depending on the network congestion. This problem is related to scalability issues with blockchain networks. Which means the more people or nodes join the network, the chances of slowing down is more. Does#BCDtechnology have a solution or a new innovation to beat the scalability issues in blockchain technology?

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#BCDneed a massive pump looking at btc. BTC have recovered from 3k to 13k .